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Competition Style BBQ Prepared Onsite

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Image of smoked boston butts used for pulled pork.
Wolf Creek BBQ is a full service caterer, mobile kitchen, and food truck specializing in Competition Style BBQ that is cooked and served fresh, onsite.  Our customers will be the first to say that there is a definite difference when the barbeque is fresh off the smoker.  Whether its our pulled pork butts, sliced pork loins, beef brisket, ribs, smoked sausages, chicken quarters, or whole turkeys, there is a tremendous difference when the meat is fresh off the smoker.  Our food truck is our kitchen.

If smoked meat is not for you, try our seasoned and grilled steaks and burgers.  We only serve select meats that are seasoned in house.  For steaks, we recommend either T-bones, Ribeyes or New York Strips because these cuts of meat have just the right amount of marbling to blend with our seasonings to produce a steak that is unbeatable. Add a fresh salad and baked potato and you will have a meal you will not forget.

While our business was originally focused on barbeque and grilling, we have also become known for our "low country" cooking.  This includes anything from low country boils to shrimp jambalaya, fried crawfish tails to seafood gumbo, steamed blue crabs to fried alligator.
Image of Wolf Creek BBQ logo.
Image of Wolf Creek BBQ's food truck used for catering, events, and festivals.
Image of Wolf Creek BBQ's food truck used for catering, events, and festivals.
Let Wolf Creek BBQ cater your next event and see the difference for yourself.  For meat that melts in you mouth, give us a try and see why people rave about our food for months and months.  

It's not just our meats that people come back for.  We also have our award winning Brunswick stew, our special recipe bacon potato salad, cole slaw, cowboy beans, and our "out of this world", Banana Pudding.  

We take pride in everything we serve and make it all from scratch.